SA Tech Global


About Us

Who we are

We founded SA Tech Global out of a desire to do something
different after becoming dissatisfied with the advisory sector.


WhySA Tech Global

Sales of more tools, massive transformation initiatives, and the outsourcing of essential services all contributed to the difficulties that businesses were already facing. Additionally, that didn't sit right with us. That wasn't good enough for us. We had confidence in our ability to focus on the fundamentals, make the most of our clients' current resources, and supply the most competent individuals for the task at hand. Our aim was to produce answers, not new issues.

We're pleased to report that our plans for SA Tech came to fruition, and that our client-centric, engineering-first approach, in which the client and the success of the project were our top priorities, was well appreciated. Giving us the opportunity to serve as an objective advisor and an extension of their existing security teams.

OurVision & Mission

Our vision is our compass, and the mission our helm, this is how we intend to steer SA Tech on a path of continuous growth and lead our customers to new horizon.



“Facta, Non Verba (Deeds, not words) In all our dealings we will deliver what we promise.
We believe that actions speak louder than words.”



To be a trusted partner for best-of-breed Information & Communication Technology products

To always treat our stakeholders with respect and ensure fairness and mutual benefit in all our dealings

To ensure that our employees are provided with an optimum environment to perform. Always ensuring that their skills are honed and they are able to provide the best services to our customers and partners

To be a workplace which encourages service excellence and customer satisfaction. A workplace which ensures equality to all, free of all forms of discrimination